Check out the ''Material Girl'' collection ...
Kelly Osbourne looks very pretty!And has lost a lot of weight ,a totally different lady!

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  1. odws exei adynatisei polu kai exei omorfynei kiolas para polu omws tolmw na pw oti dedomenou oti h collection htan synergasia lourdhs me madonna k adiproswpeue pio polu to styl ths lourdhs tairiaze kalytera ws modelo campagnias h taylor momsen!!thymamai tis prwtes fwtografiseis htan foverh!!omws logw kakhs syneriforas thn exase th douleia :/ k th dwsan sthn osbourne
    ax re taylor...xD

  2. I love that they chose Kelly Osbourne for this campaign. She's perfect for it! I just discovered your blog through the FTF Community and I'm looking forward to reading more. Keep in touch. :)

  3. @ pink pleasure k sthn taylor 8a phgaine para polu alla ta sfalmata plhrwnontai ;)

    dear @Katie thank you for your nice words :DD
    i checked your blog and followed you :DDD

  4. i kinda like that they put in kelly and took out taylor momsen. good luck!

    by the way, i am following you--glad to have found your site by way of the FTF Community.

  5. Dear @ Tereza i know she is a totally different person she looks very pretty good for her!!!

    Dear @ Marissa thank you for your words i hope we stay in touch :DD

  6. hello Oh to Ba a Muse!!
    thank you for the comment
    i think the FTF Community is such a nice thing!!
    I have found so many bloggers to exhange my's really exciting!!

    I followed your blog of course i found it great!!

    Hope we stay in touch :D


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