Ordinary people...shoots in Rome...

I love taking photos of everyday people when I travel abroad...
I like lookinh at them when I come back and wake up memories..
You can see their styles and understand their lifestyle..

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  1. hi sweetheart, just read ur message, lovely blog :) i'm following, please follow me back <3

  2. thank you soo much :DDD
    h mallon as sta pw k sta ellhnika xixii
    sou afhsa comment euxomai na krathsoume epafes mesw twn blog mas :DDD

    greek bloggers 4 ever :DDDDD

  3. Γειά σου καραμελίτσα!!!!Χάρηκα πολύ που ..βρεθήκαμε!!!Θα τα λέμε συχνά!!!Καλό απόγευμα!!!

  4. σευχαριστώ πολύ Riri :DDD
    νασαι καλά !!ναι εννοείται θα τα λέμε!το blog σου είναι τέλειο!!
    στις 7 το απόγευμα έχω προγραμματίσει την ανάρτηση για το δωράκι σου!!

  5. thank you Tereza!!!
    i do too :DD
    so natural ..

  6. loveeee the pics,especially the first one and the second!!!ti teleia conversakiaaaaaaaaaaaa xexexe
    padws ektos apo fashion genius eisai k polu kalh fwtografos!!geia sou re caramellitsa asteri*
    xixi :)

  7. thank youuuuu para para pl pink pleasure m :DD
    ta conversakia mou ta latreuww k ta exw 7!!xronia ta foraw sunexeiaa!!
    exw akomh polla na ma8w gia na travaw swstes fwto alla to prospa8w :DD
    apo vdomada erxontai k alles fwto k apo Rome alla k apo Boudapesth pou feugw thn tetarth!!
    stay tuned! :DD

  8. oooo pas boudapesth???den exw paei alla exw akousei ta kalytera!!!:):) anamenoume loipon perissotera piconiaaaaaaaaaaaa xexexexexe ;D
    kala na peraseis caramellitsa!!!:)

  9. seuxaristw poluuuu :DD
    eimai katen8ousiasmenh!!
    ni ennoeitai erxontai k alles fwto :)))

    afou mou to zhtas kiolas ennoeitai :DD

  10. Hi!

    Really nice pics! I hope to visit Rome someday!

    Thanks for your nice comment and if you joined my followers (?). :)

    I guess I must follow what's goin on in Rome in the future too, so follow you! :-)



  11. thank you so much Minna!!
    i really liked your blog,hope we keep in touch with our comments and posts :DD
    you should definitely visit Rome!!
    it's a fairytale <3
    until then stay tuned i have already programmed more posts with photos from there :D

    check these out too


  12. Beautiful shots..loves them all!


  13. thank you very much :DD
    on the 30th of March i'm uploading more :DD
    stay tuned :DD

  14. love the concept!

  15. My favourite is the first one! such a great photo! I love the naturality of it.
    xx Keep taking photos :)

  16. i love this photo too so natural i totally agree @Victoria :DD
    thank you for your words :DD

    i will keep posting more photos for you to see :D


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