More and more celebrities are becoming  red haired,it's the most popular colour this year!!
I am currently red hair too so i am very happy!!
What do you think???

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  1. Yes! A thousand times yes to RED HAIR! Red is best color for me and I won't trade it for anything! I mean change as good and all - but I say if it's your best look - just keep it :)

  2. i totally agree!!!
    i love red hair!!!
    that's why i searched on the net for famous ladies ;)

  3. Then you may like this early post of mine

    By the way, I have included you on the list of Versatile Blogger Award. Please visit to participate.

  4. I love red hair, but I much prefer when it's on a natural red haired girl! I love the contrast between pale skin, red hair and green eyes, lovely combination.

  5. all the raid hair girls here!!!!!! **Tereza ;)
    i am red hair with green eyes so i think that it looks good Clau ,we think the same way !!!

    Alex thank you so much for the add i 'll check it right away!!

  6. Love Cynthia Nixon - that may be the best she (and her hair) have ever looked!!


  7. she looks so beautiful indeed!!!
    i agree it's her best look ;)
    makes her unique :DD
    thank you,glad you likes it :DD

  8. I love the red color hairs, but if not natural maybe is not so easy to "wear"!
    Thank you for stopping on my blog!!!
    Lots of lOVE..

  9. thank you Charlie for the follow!!! me 2 :DDD xixixi

    Parisienne i agree it's not an easy colour you have to be careful when you choose it cause it may look cheap & scary ;)

  10. hii caramelitsa...sorry but your skin is too dark for red hair is more nice in white skin


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