have a green day everyone!!fill your house with green!

Hi !!!the indoor decoration of our home is really important since our bedroom &living room are the rooms we choose when we want to relax and calm down after a loong hard day...
I have always had a thing with flowers and plants,i have a small balcony not a garden but i take care of it and love it very much!My dream is to own a real garden one day with plants,vegetables and fruit,many rare flowers and small trees!
I recently decided to add some green in the house too-always with attention not too many plants - and do a little feng shui ...you know,plants,maybe sthing decorative that has to do with water...i 'm still in search..
I found out some really cool pics and i wanted your opinion?
Would you ever do that??
Do you have plants/flowers in your house??

5 σχόλια:

  1. Love the photos!!! My room has a lot of green :D

    kisses xoxo


  2. I love green spaces, I have a plant in my house.

  3. I love green , but i love much more colored flowers!^^
    The 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th pics are fab!!!


  4. I wish I could, but I have 2 cats that pretty much destroy everything green I put in the house :P


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