Would you live in a Pink House??

My bedroom is half pink...pink is actually my favourite colour...it is fun and happy!
Would you live in a house where  there is pink everywhere???

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  1. Why not ?? the second one looks cool !


  2. wow. I think I would :)


  3. Hello again! You gave me the idea. Just created a list and you're in it too :) See you soon.

  4. @Moroccan fashion diary thanks :D
    i like that living room too :D

  5. @Sara from Movimento :hi :DD
    i think i would too :DDD hihi
    thank you so much for including me in your list :DD

  6. i was never a very big fan of pink but these pictures i fear are making me change my mind!
    wonderful interiors!

  7. @Tiffany thank you for the comment!
    i have doubts on having a whole house pink but truly some of these photos made me think a bit more about it..
    i could maybe have some pink details..

  8. lovely pink
    and thank you :)


  9. i totally would but i dont know about my boyfriend :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  10. no, too pink even a girl like me http://newbornfashionistas.blogspot.com/couldn't bare it...no,no, no!!

  11. iiiii to spiti mouuuuuuuuuu :D xexe to idaniko spiti mou ennow...allwste to xei k t onoma mou to "pink" xaxa alimono na mhn to yposthriza...;)
    btw ti teleia fwto h prwthhh <3 einai yperoxhh

  12. @Michele you are welcome :DD
    thank you for the comment ;)

  13. @Steffy hihihiii i know...i dont think a boy could survive in a house like that : /

  14. @Newborn fashionista haha pink is a colour you either love or hate :D
    i really like it but i know i couldnt cook in a kitchen full of pink walls.. ;) :DD

  15. @pink pleasure seuxaristw pl k mena h prwth m arese pl,exei k tis maures leptomereies pou to kanoun pl stilato ;)
    xexe hmoun sigourh k apo to pseudonumo oti 8a sou arese :DDD
    exw mia adunamia sto roz k gw ... :DD

    eimaste 100 % girls :DD

  16. yeah 100 % pink!!!
    100 % Candy!!! caramellitsa xixi :)

  17. @Fashmark : if barbie was real she would live in a house like that for sure!!haha..but there are lots of barbies out there ;) ;)

  18. Hello, Ladies!

    Well, I admit that we—boys—really can’t stand living in the house of full of pink stuff. But then, it doesn’t mean that we can’t appreciate it. Those pink bedroom designs look lovely, but I think the first one beats the rest. The color isn’t too loud for my eyes, and it looks very neat.

    William Gulliver


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