Zen inspired Bathrooms..

I am into feng shui ans zen ...I also think that my shower/bath is one of the most important times of my day..my time to relax and get energy after or before a hard day..
When I buy my own home and live on my own I will try to make my bathroom look like these photos..
They make you feel calm...for now i often take a shower without ant lights turned on but only with scented candles and listen to chill out music..Trust me it helps a lot to get rid of the stress..

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  1. I love the one before the last one !! So cool


  2. @morrocan fashion diary
    thank you very much :DD the one you like is so pretty,with the wood and the green plants..i will definitely get a bathroom like this when i live on my own!

  3. @dirt&amp,diamonds thank you very much for your comment i am happy you liked the post :DD


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