Vintage is timeless fashion..

I just love vintage look...It's actually a shame that women -and men - dont dress that way anymore..OK i dont mean to start wearing all these too long dresses but I believe that people should get inspired by this era..I can watch vintage fashion photos for hours so i thought of sharing some with you .I hope you like them.. Are you into vintage??

it's the whole atmosphere that is inspiring..
i could easily wear this now..(these tights are gorgeous i got a pair last year )
i love old trains..there is a small theatre in Athens where the plays are presented in the vagons & you watch while drinking wine..
high waists,gentle colours...
i also adore this make lips with black eyeliner eyes !

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  1. Great photos!!!

    kisses xoxo

  2. ax aytes oi photos einai toso wraies,m taksideoun s alles epoxes opou oi gunaikes htan toso thulikes.uperoxes pics :)

  3. I absolutely adore vintage fashion too. I wear vintage clothes all the time, though I wish more people did too.

  4. I love vintage! I especially love clothes either from or inspired by the 1920's and 30's.

  5. omg, i love these photos! i love vintage fashion and photography! just beautiful!!


  6. Wow, you've outdone yourself again. Great photos dahling, such lovely inspiration. The main reason I love vintage is the quality & design of the garments.


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