Blogger in the Spotlight :Debiparna from Fly Song Bird

Hi!!Today I am happy to present you a fellow blogger,Debiparna from fly song bird who I recently found through the ifb community..You should definitely check her blog out,I find it inspiring and so interesting!
Remember next time it can be you!Just e mail me at to let me know you are interested.
Let me tell you a few things about Debiparna...

She is 21 years old,studying history and film studies in Kolkata,India.She wants to be a media professional involved with fashion/films someday.

Fly Song Bird  is a general lifestyle blog.Debiparna considers herself to be a cool fat girl who loves cinema,fashion,food and photography.She firmly stands up against all kinds of bullying.
She started blogging when she had heard of only the sartorialist and cupcakes and cashmere.She loves writing and expressing herself and so she started blogging.

''Since then i have transformed it from more of a personal blog to a lifestyle blog.My journey has gained me insights into the way of living all over the world and i love doing this.I have come across genuinely good people who inspire me with their love and passion for all things beautiful.Blogging is a fun way of gaining and sharing knowledge.Don't you think so?'' she says...
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kisses <3

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