Blogger in the Spotlight!Patricia from Memento Vivere

Hi !!!Today i'd like to present you a new fashion blogger i've found from ifb community,Patricia and her blog Memento Vivere. Next time it can be you!You can send me an e mail at to let me know..

She has started her blog initially with the sole purpose of posting some of her daily looks and of some motivational  quotes /advice.She  posts frequently some of the things that inspire her such as bohemian looks , youthful figures ,different trends that are evolving in the blogosphere. Sometimes she posts some DIY , she has posted one about studded Converse and one about dreamcatchers which are a big thing right now among those who love indian-inspired looks.

''I am a voracious collector of love letters, for I am a hopeless romantic, I also post once in a while the tattoos which my boyfriend had the opportunity to create .
Through my blog I want to express my view on life, the way I perceive trends and beauty. ''she says..

you can follow her blog on bloglovin here :

Dont forget to check her blog :

kisses <3

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  1. She looks so gorgeous in the second picture :)I'm definitely going to take a look at her blog

  2. Einai panemorfi!!!! Tha do to blog tis!
    Nai loipon Portogalia! Eimai apo tin poli Coimbra(exoume ena panepistimio 700 xronon), kai eimai 15 stin Ellada.Tora apo 5/6 exei apevthias ptisi Athina -Lisbon mono me 179 Euros(aller-retour)!!!Fantastico!H xora mou einai(episis) Panemorfi, tha sou aresei POLI!!!!

  3. I'll take a look at her're such a good blogger/networker Elli!

  4. Looks and sounds very interesting! Gotta have a look at her blog! :-)

  5. aksiolatreuto to styl tis!!!eksipno post!!!bravo...
    love it!!!kisses...<3

  6. She's gorgeous and her blog sounds amazing..I'll definitely check her out.

    <3 Marina

  7. i really love that post!
    good job!



  8. thanks for introducing us to someone new!

  9. I love this feature of yours! You can get to know so many wonderful new bloggers! :)
    Will check out her blog for sure!

  10. wauw she's so beautiful and has great style. I'm going over to her blog right now, thanks for introducing her!


  11. She's so pretty! Thanks for introducing to us new bloggers :)

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. She's gorgeous! Love this "share the love" type of post!! xoxox


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