Time to Organize my closet!

Closets are the kingdom of every woman!In there we keep all our beloved and precious items!!Since spring has arrived and i definitely need some space for new outfits and shoes .. but it's not that easy..i dont have any space at all!! I thought that others might have the same problem with me so i searched the net for advice..I found this really cool video on youtube that shows some steps very fast and the result looks so pretty!! I have already started my closet makeover and feel so nive! To help you guys too let me just tell you what to take care of first:
 -Remember to collect all these clothes that you never wear in a garbage bag and give them away.Dont keep what you dont need
-Take everything out the closet and make categories of what you have by fabrics and colours..
 -Hang some of your clothes like shirts,dresses,coats,jackets and jeans to see them clearly
 -You can get some storage bins and store them under your bed or in a spare close to keep other seasons' stuff..
 -Keep your shoes in boxes with tags on them .
 -Always keep your bags in boxes or fabric bags to maintain their shape and be clean -Keep your jewellery and accessories in little boxes,hangers(see this post too http://caramellitsa.blogspot.com/2011/03/my-handmade-necklace-hanger.html),so that they arent all over the place -Buy some scented paper to cover your wardrobe..everything will smell so nice!

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  1. This is such a nice pot.I'm in desperate need of bigger closet space . My clothes just don't fit in the one I have now.I dream of one just la Carrie's :P

  2. I have been contemplating reorganizing my closet. This post has been inspiring. Thanks. xo-AlbeeLucky.blogspot.cm

  3. @Dora thank you :) i totally understand you,i have the same problem all the time ..
    a closet like Carries' would be a great solution..but it is just a dream for me :(

  4. @AlbeeLucky thank you so much :DD
    i am very happy you like it ;DD
    hope it helps you and decide to re-organize your closet ..tell me about the result :DD

  5. Love this post! It's time for some Spring Closet cleaning!

  6. ax exw aiwnio provlhma me tis tsantoules m...3ereis pou mporw n vrw koutakia gia tis tsantes? (apanthse st fb kalutera :) )

  7. Some really good tips in the video. I will definitely be adding shelves to create some space. Thank you for this video. It has really made me want to go through my wardrobe.

  8. @Jayme&Mendi :spring is the perfect season to clean your closet :DD thank you for commenting :)

  9. @Amanda you are welcome :)
    i am so happy you found it helpful as i said above now is the time to check our wardrobes !!
    ** shelves are a very good solution i added three more in my room a couple of years ago and created a lot of space ;)


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