My adorable blog award!

I am really really happy cause I was given an ''Adorable blog award''from Carmen Vogue !!
Thank you so much sweetie I wish you all the best and happy blogging!!!You can see her award here
As you may know there was a problem with the blogger &we couldnt post anything that's why I havent posted..

When you get this award you have to link back the person who gave it to  you,say 10 things  about you and award your winners ..

Here are 10 things about me..

1)I speak -apart from greek&english- italian and this year I started learning spanish..
2)I make handmade jewellery (you can see some in my posts) and candles as a hobby
3)I love all star converse shoes &ballerinas i usually wear only flat shoes..
4) I cant go anywhere without my mp3 i listen to music all day !!(latin,hip hop,pop music everything)
5)I always have my nails manicured and i am a fan of vivid colours
6)I have an obsession with perfumes-Hypnotic Poison by Dior,Chanel No 5,Ninna Ricci (the apple),and lots lots of the sumertime though I replace them with coconut essential oil
7)I am currently on a diet but I am a pasta lover!!!love all kinds of pasta,with cheese,meat,sauces,butter...mmm yumiii!!!
8)I want to visit all Europe -at least- and go somewhere exotic..
9)When I have free time I dance,read or watch movies..
10)The most important people in my life are my sister&my boyfriend..couldnt live without their love.

And my awards go to..
** Cinderellas Closet
** Alexandra Pink
** TLBVintage Look
**Fashion Quotient.
**Dirt n Diamonds
**Fancy Bella
**Just another Shopaholic
**Chique and Glam

Congratulations Ladies!!!!

have a nice weekend :DD

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  1. Congratulations:) I share your passion for converse and flats

  2. Congratulations! Your blog is adorable and you deserve this award.

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  4. Congratulations! Award very well deserved. xoxo

  5. Congratulations! And I invite you to do this tag:

  6. Congratulations :)


  7. Congratulations very well deserved and keep up the great job.
    FIY: just like your pic on facebook(finally) like your page then I was able to do it. Here's my facebook link hopefully you can add me as friend if we're not already.


  8. Congrats!!!

    kisses xoxo

  9. Congrats!!! :)

  10. Thank You so much for the award! I will be working on this soon!

  11. Thanks so much girly!!!

    xx Kelli


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