Shopping with style!

I usually prefer casual looks for my shopping days..I like jeans with a simple tank top and a scarf or a dress with some accessories..I never wear too much cause i get bored with all this dressing and undressing ,haha!
What do you wear when you go shopping?

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  1. I like to wear flats - easier to run around the stores! ;) X

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  2. I like to be casual! Not too many layers,I dont want to keep dressing and undressing too much lol

  3. I feel you... I can't be bothered with heels when I'm at the mall. I usually walk fast too so it doesn't my feet would be kiling me by the time I'm done. I go for flats, jeans and a light top - my official shopping uniform.


  4. HAha...yes! I agree! Hate taking off and putting on layers!

  5. WOW! I want to go shopping now! I usually dress pretty casual when I am doing serious shopping.

  6. Love the photos!! Very cool outfits too wear when shopping!


    style me steph

  7. i wear something like what selena g and jessica s are wearing...something i can get out and in fast but still not look blah...blah is for college days when i don't wanna go(most days :P)

  8. I love wearing flats when I now I am going to shop all day. I love the casual chic look.

  9. Yep, casual is best, flats and all. And better ballerinas or boots than Converse - so you don't bother with the laces :D Also love the shot of Clemence Poesy - perfect shopping look!


  10. YAY..this is a great post and so inspirational now I know what to wear when I go out shopping..just in time for the weekend. Great post doll.


  11. Jessica Alba can do no wrong. I love her outfit. Comfy and stylish.

  12. I love almost every outfit here. And I love watching celebs' style :)

  13. aaaa oxi na to paineutw alla me petyxes!!san thn blair kykloforw me ta louloudia kai me ta roger vivier stous dromous tou parisiou...axaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxa oxi kale :P
    tzin kolan ugg botitses(xereis thn agaph mou gi aytes) ena blouzaki mia zaketoula kai fysika pada kati ap t Accessorize(eipame to xw xtisei to magazi xaxaxaxaxaxa)
    epishs m aresei polu to look ths ciara(an den apatwmai ayth me to sheepskin black leather jacket) to vriskw classic and chic =)


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