UNC's Sustainable fashion show

My dear friend Anna  Morton from N.Carolina participated in the UNC’s Sustainable Fashion Show on the 9th A pril.I met her 2 years ago when she came in Athens with her school.Since then we keep in touch through facebook.
The purpose of this show was to bring an awareness of sustainable fashion to the UNC Chapel Hill campus through innovative design. Talented coordinators, designers, and team members did their best and the result was really impressive!!The show was held in the Forest Theater.

There were 9 designers. Each made two or three outfits which were modeled by people from UNC.They did have model auditions, but most people just asked friends to model, which made it a lot of fun. There were also a lot of coordinators involved to organize the models, designers, stage design, and advertising. The point of the show was to use recycled or reused items in the designs in order to be sustainable, so there were a lot of clothes made from thrift store items and even newspapers and plastic bags.

A few words from Anna about her outfit.. ''for my outfits I made a dress out of a men's shirt and another dress out of a huge and hideous vintage dress and added a sash from some fabric I already had. The third outfit I made with a thrift store blazer and added found objects (like buttons, zipper pulls, bottle caps, screws, safety pins, etc) to the lapels and paired it with a thrifted tank top and a skirt that I literally found on the ground (but washed first!) and a vintage hat''.

you can see more photos here  :http://www.flickr.com/photos/floriopics/sets/72157626346393303/
i cant copy them unfortunately.

**special thank to Anna thank you so much for your help!!

Dont you think it's a great idea???I wish our school did something like that..

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  1. Very good ideia! Loved the details on the jacket!

  2. Wow I love this! Such great pieces! Love the sustainable garments!

  3. Loving all the pieces...looks so pretty.



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