My BB Valentines gift from Garnier!How did you spent the day?

Hi!! a quick post just to show you the goodies Garnier Greece sent me for Valentines Day yesterday it was so sweet!!!

The red little box with a heart on it had a BB cream ( you can read my review about it HERE )  a BB usb to transfer my files, a BB cookie (mmm yummy)  and a small card :DDD

Thank you!!!!!

So how did you spent V-Day?
I was studying,took university exams,working,had dance class till 11 didn't understand anything but my boyfriend and I are celebrating it on Saturday :)

BB kisses!!

8 σχόλια:

  1. Ααααχ γλυκα δωρα :)
    Ειδικα το μπισκοτακι φαινεται πεντανοστιμο...
    Χμμμ η ημερα του αγιου βαλεντινου ητανε για μενα μια απλη τριτη :/ αλλα δεν πειραζει!
    Εξαλλου θεωρω πως μπορει ενα ζευγαρι να γιορτασει οποιαδηποτε μερα οπως και εσυ για παραδειγμα που γιορτασες το σαββατο :)

    Καλο σου απογευμα...και παντα ερωτευμενη <3
    φιλιαααααα :*

  2. All the best for exams
    and happy Belated Valentine's Day doll


  3. Teleio teleio! Ta eipame kai sto Facebook!
    Poli gliko dwro!
    Euxomai na perasete teleia to Savvato me to bf.
    Emeis tha to giortasume tin alli evdomada pou tha'nai edw! :)

  4. ax ti uperoxa dwrakia, mpravo sth garnier.
    aaa den s eipa to APISTEUTO auths ths xwras, thn B.B cream pou kerdisa tha prepei na paw AURIO na thn parw apo to taxudromio mias k me phrane thl oti den mporousan na m thn steiloun logw twn apergiwn..
    oti na nai dhladh...
    pantws anupomonw na thn dokimasw.
    filia polla koritsara m,
    p.s pws sas vriskei h garnier vre paidia thelw k egw dwrakia...xexexe...

  5. Κι εγώ δεν γιόρτασα χθες, το αγόρι είναι μακριά, οπότε το δωράκι της Garnier μου έφτιαξε τη μέρα! :D

  6. That's so sweet! Happy Valentines Day! xx

  7. Aww, Happy Belated Vday to you kitten! I loved the usb stick & the other goodies too!


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