10 tips for extra shiny hair by me!!!

Hi ladies!!We all know that hair is almost 50 % of our beauty!!and we have to take care of our hair in order to be shiny,have volume and look fabulous!
I have some tips for you ..I would love to learn some of yours!!
1)wash your hair with lemon juice,or pour some pure olive oil//almond oil and leave it all night ..then in the morning rinse it carefully and your hair will look excellent!

2)Use spray volumizers. They coat your hair with a thin mist of droplets without causing your hair to droop. Use a shampoo containing silk amino acids. These acids make the hair soft and repair the  damaged hair restoring hair structure. Lecithin is vital for r texture. Gels and creams make hair shin

3)Use a shampoo with wheat proteins and polymers. These ingredients cover the hair , making it appear thick.

4)Some people complain that when they change shampoo, it works fine for several washes; then hair goes duller; it losses its shine. It is a shampoo treatment that instantly removes up to 70% of dulling residue caused by shampoos, conditioners and styling products. It cleans hair thoroughly and easily rinses away. Use it once a week, and then go back to your favorite shampoo!

5) use hair masks once a week and try to reduce the use of hair products,they are hard to wash off..

6)make the final rinse of your hair wash with cold water!It seals the cuticle and makes them look shiny!

7)drink at least 8 glasses of water,eat well -especially iron- and get vitamin E.

8)avoid the hair dryer as much as you can

9)make a strawberry hair mask: mash eight strawberries with one-tablespoon mayonnaise. Massage this into washed but damp hair. Cover it with a shower cap and then a warm towel. Wash out with a shampoo and then condition. This mask will give your hair a rich gloss.

10)get a hot oil treatment (it's cheap i got one for a bit less than 5$ but of course there are more expensive ones too)they make them so soft and glossy!

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  1. I have to try the thing with the olive oil . I heard about it so many times :)This is such a nice post to read.

  2. @Dora thank you ,i m very happy you like the post :DD
    you should try it but remember not to do it if you have somwhere to go next morning,it takes a while to wash off the oil and you dont want your hair to be oily ..i do it on saturday nights so on Sunday when i'm totally free i wash it off and take my time :DD

  3. Your blog is so interesting!
    I enjoyed reading this post & will definitely try out some of your tips :)
    ~ Lorna

  4. Will definitely try this out! Love your blog!!:)


  5. ap osa eipes kanwwww....mono to 6+to 7
    hahahahaha exw lipara mallia opote an tous valw ladaki meta aneta me pernoun gia mascot sthn kalamata..."edw to kalo to ladi to kalamatiano"xexexexe
    ase exw megalo thema =/

  6. awesome tips! i think it's so hard to get shiny hair...

  7. The color of your hair is magnificent. In the fact I wanted to prevent you that I answered the questionnaire ( award ) because you had mentioned me. There is a translator if you want to read my answers because I made it in French. Goodbye I hope

  8. Great tips!



  9. @Lorna thank you for your comment :DD
    i am very happy you liked this post and my blog in general! ;) thank you sweetie you should try my tips and then tell me if they were helpful to you :) kisses :DD

  10. @Kristen M: thank you soo much :DDD i followed your blog on tumblr,bloglovin and sent you request on twitter too..so pretty photos!!

  11. @pink pleasure se katalavainw mh nomizeis ...antimetwpiza k gw provlhma me th liparothta sto parel8on...exw kapoies maskes k lotion na sou proteinw an 8es an einai 8a ftiaksw mia anarthsh tis ftiaxneis monh sou k einai pl apotelesmatikes ;)

  12. @Camille thank you so much :D
    it's really hard..i cant do all of that everyday of course ..what can i say?we do our best,haha :DD

  13. @DameSkarlette thank you for the compliment first of all ,you are ver sweet :DD
    oh,yes,the tag,i'm glad you did it i'll check it right away ,luckily you have a translator :DD
    kisses :DDD

  14. @Stephanie thank you so much for your support :DD i'm really happy you liked the tips :DD


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