Polka dotts remind us of the 50's when women wore high waist skirts and red lipsticks..
This spring they are here to play with us with mix and match looks with high heels or flat ballerina shoes...

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  1. to models street syle einai apla super!!!m aresei pou einai ligo edgy alla sygxronws kai chic,rock sick!!xexe xD

  2. k mena g auto mou arese :)
    enw sthn arxh otan skeftesai poua paei to mualo sou se ka8ara 50's kai kapws sunthrhtiko mporeis na to kaneis k pl monterno :D

  3. I'm not generally a polka dot fan but I admire them on people if styled well - and you sure know how to rock those dots :D

  4. thanks :DD
    well,i like polka dots but i dont choose it usually for everyday...
    maybe a scarf with a shirt to make it happier :DD
    but istarted thinking that polka dots can be modern and not that same traditional 50's only..

  5. i love polka dots... I wanted to buy a cute dress few days ago, but I had no money at all, lol :P

  6. Love each outfit. So demure and pretty.


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