My summer wine is made from all these things....

Sunny weather,sea,blue sky,sandals,coctails,pop colours on nails,super natural tan !!

My summer wine is made of:
* an island...with sandy beaches...cant live without sea..(this is Syros island i went some years ago)

* never go out without sunglasses..
* beach volleyball/racket tennis/frisbee/ I never sunbathe  lying on the beach for hours- playing and swimming gives you the perfect summer skin colour without that much danger ..

* i think we all agree that during the summertime we feel and we ARE sexier than ever ;)

* white & pink absolute must of the summer

* chic & are a great idea for a mini holiday break-sometimes when I visit an island I like to go on a mini cruise with ''pirate ships'' and explore hidden beaches..

* navy look =cute & fun!!

* amazing sunsets with your beloved ones..this is a gorgeous sunset I was lucky to see last summer at my village ..

* from June to September i replace my pefrume with coconut oil(from Body Shop) ,I choose coconut sunscreen,body wash & body lotion skin smells so nice!

my list is endless
...we have much time in the near future to continue...

Strawberries cherries and an angel's kiss in spring
My summer wine is really made from all these things <3

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  1. Ax m ekanes n oneireutw twraaaa!thelw diakopes!oxi aples diakopes alla tis apolutes fashionable diakopes ;) filiaaaaa

  2. This is sooo cool girl!
    Can't wait for summer to arrive!

    Goodluck also on your exams.
    Mine end on june 9

    Kisses <3


  3. These pictures are Gorgeous!

  4. great pictures! i cant wait to go on holiday, such a relief after exams! i went to the aegan islands last year, it was soo beautiful!


  5. can't wait for summer to arrive! These pictures are inspiring!

  6. I would love a month of a deserted island, just me and my man :).

  7. perfect!that's an ideal summer!!
    strawberries cherries and an angel's kiss in spring..........opws to pes caramellitsa!!;)

  8. @Despina seuxaristw polu gia to sxolio :D
    ax nai ta oneira 8a meinw pros to paron..xiixi

  9. @Stephanie thank you very much :DD
    good luck on your exams too
    kisses <3

  10. @Emma thank you so much :D
    happy you liked them

  11. @Louisa really you came here last year?where did you go?
    the Aegean is stunning in the summertime :)
    i'm glad you liked my post :DD
    kisses <3

  12. @Fransesca thank you so much for your sweet words :DD

    i think we all wait for summer so bad!!

    kisses <3

  13. @Tereza ohhh.......that would be so perfectly amazing!!!
    <3 <3 <3

    happy you liked this post :DD


  14. @pink pleasure xixixi to tragoudi auto an k dn exei kamia sxesh ousiastika mias k milaei g parais8hseis mou aresei toso polu k mou fernei automata sto nou to :DD

  15. This is a great post. I am so ready for Summer.

  16. Beautiful photos, and I would love to have that navy dress. I hope you have a wonderful summer break and I look forward to seeing your pictures of your break on here!

    Following, follow back?


  17. I am loving these pics, but also so jealous. I am going into Winter now :(

    Enjoy every second of the summer!

  18. Ο καθένας μας έχει μια ατέλειωτη λίστα πιστεύω χιχιχ :)
    Καλό καλοκαιράκι να έχουμε..

  19. uperoxi suros!!!!!!!!!!!!!einai teleia!!!!
    teleies kalokairines photos!prepei epitelous na dokimasw nero karudas! :D
    latreuw genika karuda,opote den mporw na katalavw pws mou exei xefugei auto!


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