Modern Princess...and it will never be midnight!!

Once upon a time there was a little girl..named caramellitsa..she liked to party all the time, she used to drink tea and loved home made cookies..She had a huge dressing room full of expensive handbags,shoes,diamond jewellery,silk dresses....

oh,it's not easy being a princess..

(me dancing the waltz last summer)
princess caramellitsa loved to dance the waltz cause she was desperately romantic..

she wouldnt have to work but she would help her people live happily and have all the comforts...
her kingdom was the perfect place to live!
Every month she threw a party to discover her prince..

she waited and waited...
she had her swarovski crystal heels ready for her dance...but he wasnt there...

one day as she was relaxing by listening to music..

her stylish fairy brought her a invitation to a ball....of course she accepted!

And that was it....she met her prince,a young,amazingly handsome & kind boy with a great heart..
he kissed her..

.. since then they are the most-in-love couple ever!!thank you my sweet fairy!!

And they lived happily ever after...And then..I woke up....why???it was such a beautiful dream!!Lucky me I have my prince in real life,too!!

Do you believe in fairytales???

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  1. Love the last two photos! So beautiful!
    Marusya V

  2. all these photos are so beautiful! i love the second from last, stunning! xox

  3. what a beautiful story!!!story of my dreams <3 <3 <3 xexexe(as enhmerwsei kapoios ton prince carl-philip na xypnhseiii kourasthka n perimenw!!!!xaxaxaxaxaxa) polu wraies fwto k teleio to forema tou xorou,pou forouses!!:)

  4. What a fab post! Great job!

  5. Great post!
    Love your city <3

    When Geek Met Chic

  6. Your fairytale is really sweet.
    I love fairytales so much, I really enjoy listening them.

  7. These pictures are Beautiful! I Love the little story : )

  8. awh what a super sweet post. such a nice fairytale. and the dresses in these photos look stunning!

  9. what a fun post! love the pics!

  10. This post is brilliant - so creative! And the photos are beautiful. :)

  11. Lovely...those pictures are beautiful!



  12. omg..what a dress!!the red first one....

  13. Wow...LOVE the 1st pic of the red dress. Gorgeous! Thanks for finding me on IFB! Would love for you to visit my blog. Looking forward to seeing more great posts from you.

  14. Love this post and the story behind it. The photos are sooo gorgeous.

  15. The Swarvoski shoes are simply amazing =) Super shoegasm! & not to mention the model's in the pics are gorgeous

    -Roxanne K


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