Blogger in the Spotlight :Vareria from Fashion-Frontier blog!

 Hi!!!!!!I am so sorry for havent posted or seen any of my favourite blogs,now that the Special Olympics are over i am back and have many things to share with you!(i ll make a post about them to show you what a touching experience it was for me)
But first I want to introduce you my bloggerf friend Valeria from Fashion-Frontier Blogspot

She is an architect, born and raised in Lima, Peru.  Currently working in personal projects more focus in design and fashion.
She started this blog in the end of march as she  was always reading other fashion blogs and loved how they all express thru clothes.She have some followers now wich i love! they are the ones that makes her write and post every day, and she loves to share tips and any ideas they would like to see in the blog

She loves fashion, specially vintage clothes, even tho she doesn't wear them all the time she tries to use at least a vintage piece every week, she thinks old clothes have the best fabric and prints..

She has a little dog named Donato, he is a Westie and has 4 years and a half, she puts him and takes photos of him a lot!

Her style nowadays is '' bright and colorfull, i also love grunge and punk styles but i can't really wear those at work '' she says...

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  1. wraio style!to xei :) dn thn iksera ws twra.tha checkarw t blog ths sigoura argotera.

  2. prees fotorafies,den tin ixera...

  3. wuuu, thanks caramellitsa!! ur too cute :)

  4. Valeria has a beautiful style! kisses, I follow u baby
    & this is my blog:

  5. pretty the bright pants

    Follow my blog with bloglovin

  6. i like it! she looks sweet and stylish! cute and pretty!!! i will check her blog now.

  7. Thank you for your lovely comment :)

    Thank you for following also.

    I love your blog! Some great outfits :)

    Do keep in touch

    love xoxox

  8. geia sou GLYKIA karamelitsa!!! Ta sxolia sou einai panta toso oraia!!! Eisai foveri!
    Euxaristo gia to sharring me auto to blog. Einai mia koukla h Valeria, kai tha kano follow sto blog tis!
    Eisai na eisai PANTA kala!!!Se filo♥

  9. She's so cute!
    Love her colorful style!

  10. She has a great sense of style, love it!

  11. Wow! She is so pretty and stylish!

  12. She's absolutely gorgeous and looks like so much fun.. I want to hang out with her. Loving this post girl.

    <3 Marina

  13. I really like her style! I'll definitely check out her blog as soon as possible!


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