Jac5: Quality,Style and Comfort In Mens' Underwear

So,since Christmas is near and all ladies are looking for a special gift for our man I have a great suggestion for you!!!

Jac5 is the thinking man’s solution to all that isn’t quite right with what is available in today’s marketplace: itchy waistbands, uncomfortable fits, mediocre manufacturing and products with a short life span and no sex appeal.

Through his years of extensive experience in being a male, Jim identified avoid in the men’s underwear market: quality, style, and comfort were in decline.
 He saw an opportunity to develop a premium, modern luxury underwear brand for men that was comfortable and stylish but one that also had a keen sense of humour (Jim’s philosophy is that it’s important to have fun in life)...

Jim believed it was time for dressing well to start from the inside out; it was time to make underwear a forethought, not an afterthought. And it was time for a little less underwear conversation and a little more action. Gathering together some of the best designers, manufacturers, and marketers in the industry, Jim gave them a mission to create the best undies for man’s best friend.
And that's how jac5 was born....

The ‘brand identity’ is driven by Jim’s 5 much loved and incredibly spoilt pet Jack Russell terriers.
Loyal, Super Smart and at times Barking Mad, the personality traits of Jim’s dogs have been a guiding influence (and a guiding voice too - check out our online ‘dog blog’) in all that we have created. There are some remarkable similarities with our clients, too! Loyal, the essence of a true gentleman; Barking Mad, often seen in his alter ego; and, without question, Super Smart (that’s why the jac5 man is so successful!).

There are three collections so you will definitely find what you are looking for :
LOYAL – stylish, casual, comfortable everyday underwear.
SUPERSMART – designed for suiting up and dressing for success.
BARKING MAD – our fashion collection. Colourful, stylish and a just that little bit quirky.

Where can you find jac5???
Last week jac5 opened an exciting new concept store in Hong Kong, plus  launched an online shop, http://www.jac5.com/

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