Boho Rhapsody ...

I am a fan of bohemian is ideal for spring,really colourful and comfortable as well!!
So,what are you waiting for?Wear your hippie clothes and lets go running in the woods,searching for flowers!Dont forget lots of accessories,a bright smile and smokey eye make up with pink cheeks :)

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  1. h alitheia einai oti den eimai fan tou boho styl s alles mena polu amfivallw..alla omologw oti to look ths deuterhs pic aneta tha to kana!it's fresh,young and reminds me a bit of summer fairytale!<3

  2. pragmati @pinkpleasure einai ena idiaitero style pou se kolakeuei h den sou paei ka8olou ..
    to deutero einai pragmatika toso kalokairino..
    emena genika mou aresei o aeras pou apopneei olo auto to neanikos,anemelos...

  3. Love the pictures. I love the boho style myself, so I try to mix it up in my own style.

  4. ayto to styl einai ena apo ta agaphmena moy,einai idiaitero!!!Polu wraia epilogh fwtografiwn!!brv caramellitsa!!!

  5. @Misz.Aily thank you :)
    i try to do the same too ,take some boho details and create something that's me :)

  6. @Me Pareitsa euxaristw poluuu poluuu :DD
    xairomai pl pou sas aresan oi fwto
    na ste kala :D

  7. Hi!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just adore this post and everything it in. I wish I could have it all.

    I'm following you back


  8. Love the Photos

    kisses xoxo

  9. @Cinderellas Closet you are welcome :DD
    thank you so much for following :DDD i wish i could have all these beautiful outfits too hihi ;)


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