Good Spring Day!!

Hello everyone!!! I was looking at some photos I have taken with flowers and plants  from Athens,Thesaloniki,Rome,Vienna and Budapest with my camera...
I love flowers!!!Unfortunately i dont have a garden but a balcony which i take care a lot and every spring i fill it with flowers!
Do you have a garden //are you into gardening?

Athens,Badminton theatre
Budapest,Margaret island


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  1. oh my MY! these are some STUNNING photos!!! :D :D :D i've always wanted to garden but never found the time to. it'd be a dream to grow everything from flowers to fruits and vegetables!

  2. Gorgeous photos! I LOVE the spring!

    Stop by my blog some time :)

  3. @sugarmouse thank you so much ;DDD
    i want to grow vegetables for me too!i would love to get a lemon tree or an orange tree,their flowers are so beautiful and smell wonderful!!

  4. @Elizabeth thank you so much :DDD i love spring too :DD
    i left you a comment on your blog,followed also ;)
    kisses :DDD

  5. Great pics!!

    kisses xoxo

  6. @thank you very much Stephanie :DDD


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