Happy Easter everyone!!

Happy Easter to you all!!!
Wish you all the best,love,peace,good health,joy and happy lives!!!
Here in Greece it's one of the most important days of the year,so we celebrate traditionally and have lots of customs ..For lunch we eat meat and we dye some eggs red(symbolizes the blood of Jesus) and we start trying to break each othes egg by saying ''Xristos Anesti'' which means Jesus was ressurected'' ..
We also bake cookies and sweet bread (we call them tsourekia) with chocolate or almond..
Here is what I made for this year ,just wanted to show a bit of our culture ...
Love,caramellitsa <3

the broken egg in the middle is mine haha

 tsoureki is a bit difficult to make but it smells so delicous!!I think it deserved the time I spent...
my sister and I baked cookies..we used vanilla and orange scent they are perfect for breakfast with cold milk
I decorated my candle with ribbons and a cute fairy I had ..isnt it sweet?
sorry for the light,i took this picture really early in the morning ..

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  1. happy easter!!! the cookies looks so yummy can i get one? kidding.


  2. Happy Easter! I wish you everything good this year. Great job on baking. Cookies look delicious :)


  3. joyeuses fêtes de Pâques à toi. Bises

  4. xristos anesth caramellitsa!!!!o.ti epithymeis esy k h oikogeneia sou!!:) me ygeia,xara,agaph,eytyxia k polles epityxies!!;) <3

  5. @SEQUINED FROSTING thank you so much for your comment :DD
    i just ate some cookies and they taste delicous hihi :DD

    by the way followed your blog :DD

  6. @THE AIRPORT LOOK thank you for your nice words :DD
    i wish I could send you some cookies to taste them!!they came up to be really good!!
    **your blog is great followed in all ways :D

  7. @Cinderella's Closet thank you sweetie :DD
    happy easter to you too :DD
    thanks for everything!!
    if you want i can send you the recipe ;) ;)
    kisses :DD

  8. @Tereza thank you :DDD best wishes to you too sweetheart :DD

  9. @Chique and Glam thank you very much :DD
    my best wishes :DD kisses

  10. @DameSkarlette merci beaucoup!!!
    kisses :DDD

  11. @Ioana Liliana thank you :DD my best wishes to you :DD


  12. @pink pleasure Alh8ws!!!se euxaristw para pl gia tis euxes sou antapodidw gia esena k tous an8rwpous p agapas!!!panta me ugeia k mono agaph!!filiaaa :DD

  13. This is so interesting. I love getting to see some of your culture. Happy Easter!

  14. @Meagan happy Easter to you,too!!
    it's very nice to learn you like it :DDD
    your comments make my day :DDD
    kisses :DD

  15. Happy Easter with lots of love!! :D

    kisses xoxo



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