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Hi everyone!!!As some of you may remember I make some guest posts where I present new bloggers that I find out & their blogs..Today I am happy to present you Lou Lou  21 from ironically fashion
She is studying fashion in Manchester, UK.&one day hopes to be a fashion buyer so she knows a lot about fashion!Next time it can be you!!Just e mail me at to let me know ..

Her  blog is mostly about topics related to fashion that catch her interest and she feels the need to share and make it known! Her posts are as random from seeing the latest trends coming through or what celebs are wearing or even the concept of fashion and how people make it their own.

''I come across a couple of blogs where they explore the processes of how people follow they're own set of 'rules' in their own personal style and it just intrigues me and made me realise - I do that! Whether you be dressing for work, a special occassion or even just for the fun of it there are definitely certain processes you think about before choosing what to wear. It makes me wonder how other people choose what to wear and if they have their own rules maybe? I believe everyone should have fun in choosing what they wear and love wearing it - its why we all played dress up when we were little! ''  she says...and I totally agree!!

You should go and check her blog!She 's done a great work :)
kisses <3

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  1. hmmm tha thn checkarw fainetai endiaferon proswpo! :))) filia caramellitsa

  2. Thank you! This is lovely! :) xxxx

  3. Geia sou glikia Caramelitsa! Euxaristo gia to sxolio sou! Oraia idea gia ta alla Blogs, exo vrei kai ego kapoia pou einai fovera, tha sou ta steilo se ena mail!!

  4. I'm going to check her blog ;)

  5. is that you? OK.. well whoever is that is absolutely gorgeous!!! :) kisses hon!

  6. This girl has Great style! I will definitely check out her blog!

  7. thanks for sharing, will check her out
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