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Today i am happy to introduce you Sandra,a great new blogger I found from
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Sandra is  21 and lives in  Peru . She studied fashion design  at a small fashion school for 3 years, but her dream has always been to be in NYC so  applied to FIT!  She have wanted to be a fashion designer since she was 8 years old, after  watching The Parent Trap, with Lindsay Lohan as a kid. After watching the movie she started "designing" wedding gowns and later found out it could be a career.

 In high school she was never the artistic type or the fashionista, so when senior year came around she was scared of what people would think if she  went to fashion school instead of majoring in Business or Economics, as everyone thought she would. But she took a chance and decided to follow her dream  It was the best decision  she ever made.

She decided to start this blog because she  was always looking for fashion design students' blogs, but didn't find many. She  has recently started a tumblr so you can see some of the pictures she  likes. 
She is inspired by everything dance related. Her  final collection for fashion school was inspired by ballet. Sandra has danced since she was 7 years old.. She is  a hopeless romantic so is also inspired by romantic movies and pictures.
'' Another source of inspiration is magic, I love it, as well as fairy tales and Disney movies. 
I am also inspired by quotes, I love finding new ones. I have a little notebook in which I write down my favorite ones''
Don’t go too fast. Because of reality television, everyone imagines they can just be a fashion designer, photographer, or model. That’s not the way things go. Learn you craft.”
Anna Wintour

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  1. I loved the Parent Trap, too! Designing wedding dresses would be awesome! Great interview - Sandra seems so talented! :)

    sorelle in style

  2. I am going to visit her page right now....i like her clothes....

  3. thanks for sharing, will check her out :)

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  4. Great to know about Sandra
    m going right at the blog !!

  5. Great post, Im off to check out her blog now!


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