sexy cat eyeliner make up to do it

One of my favourite make up styles is the cat eyeliner which reminds me of ladies of old time,ladies with class and true,inspiring style.. At first I found it really hard to do cause I dont have a stable hand and the result looked more like a smokey (punched) eye than a well done make up ,haha!! I tried it many many times and after i couldnt do it mainly because i always ended up with two different eyes (that was funny) i searched on youtube to find a tutorial!Luckily i found this video which i find soo helpful!! So,i share it with you...enjoy!!! Can you do cat eyeliner??

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  1. I love this makeup look! :D It just looks so sexy at any time of the day or night and in any occasion! The video is great!

    kisses xoxo

  2. @Steph thank you so much :DD
    i love it too and after some tries i finally did it right!!

    kisses <3


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