my handmade earings...

Whenever I have free time I like making my own jewellery....especially last summer when I saw how expensive they were at the shops I decided that I'd start creating my own and show people that you dont have to spend a lot of money to have something unique and special..

Each pair of earings costed me about 5 euros including all the necessary stuff(the fancier -purple ones with a more expensive ribbon costed  more)..
Take a look and tell me what you think..

more photos later xixi :DDD

9 σχόλια:

  1. gorgeous!

  2. Thanks for your nice comments!
    You are so talented I love these earrings!
    Love, Elle

  3. Thank you soo much sweet Elle :DDD
    i'm so glad you like them !!
    and you're welcome for the comments
    i really liked your posts i'll check your blog daily and comment so that we keep in touch :D
    as for the earings if you want a pair you can tell me your favourite colour and i'll them make for you :D

    especially green & orange hearts!!!
    continue! i would like to see ur works

  5. @StaceyKo thank you so much :DDD
    this pair of the heart is one of my favourite ,i wear them all the time :DD

    i'm so happy you like my work :DD
    i 'll post more in the future for sure :DDD
    thanks again for the support :DD
    kisses ;)


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