I am a rebel but I do it with style..

I am a rebel ....but that doesnt mean I dont know how to dress..Viva li vida!!that's my moto and my revolution against a life without MY moments...
Sometimes you dont have to fit in..but you have to stand out..

i love rock n roll...

my eyes never lie..they always say what i want..

are you an urban rebel? ..

or a more preppy one?a new lady is born... left magic behind and entered the fashion world..

have fun by the sea...and dream of sth better..

run to catch the bus?but always with style ...

i choose jeans for my revolution haha!!

it's all about the attitude..
fierce but beautiful..

revolution start from inside ..and then you take it outside..

Have a nice week guys!!!
and remember to live every second !!

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  1. I am definitely the rebel kind.I do enjoy adding some rock and roll accents to my wardrobe :)

  2. These are all such fab pictures! I love the Rock and Roll one!


  3. amazing pics!
    I like a lot this preppy/rock this way to be rebel!


  4. so beautiful!!


  5. Love this post! It really has a lot to do with me..I've had many rebel moments in my life (I've been a punk!), but what I've always loved about everything was just getting dressed and creating new styles! I think thats the base of every inspiration :D

    kisses www.stylemesteph.com

  6. love! i have such a lady crush on emma watson - she is so fabulous!

  7. Love this post! Amazing photos!


  8. teleia look!!!...as always ;) pethainw gia ths emma watson k fysika gia to yperoxo synolaki diesel!;) xixixi <3

  9. love all the pics!

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